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  1. Ahead Of The Curve — Education And The Evolution Of Nursing

    Education and tuition assistance programs were once thought of simply as nice-haves in the human resource package. However, their importance is evolving as major workforce challenges continue to impact the nursing profession.

  2. How Health IT Is Enhancing The Role Of Today’s RNs

    The American Nurses Association just kicked off National Nurses Week 2017, honoring the nation’s three million nurses who are changing the face of patient care and compassion. Health IT Outcomes recently spoke with three nurses who also work in the healthcare IT space to hear how the latest technology advances are having a positive impact on the nursing profession. Here’s what they had to say.

  3. At The Intersection Of Nursing And Technology

    The future of nursing will be for all nurses to work as nurse informacists, sharing their expertise with developers of communication and information technologies, software engineers, and developers and implementation consultants to advance healthcare and support the best patient outcomes.

  4. Improving Nurse Satisfaction Requires Root Cause Solutions

    A recent RNnetwork survey found half of the nurses they surveyed (49.8 percent) have contemplated switching professions, with 27 percent citing overwork as the reason. By Ashley Walsh, MHA, Sr. Financial Analyst and former Perioperative Business Manager, UCHealth

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  7. Nurse Leadership Through Multi-Generational Differences

    Research has shown that today’s nursing workforce comprises staff from three different generations. With each generation comes a multitude of differences in relation to attitudes, ideologies, beliefs, financial responsibilities and work habits. In order to effectively work together as a team, nurse leaders will need to be able to understand the generations and individuals that they are working with.

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  9. The Impact Of Electronic Health Record In Nursing

    The adoption of digital medical record technology has improved the provision of healthcare services substantially. This includes lowering chances of patients experiencing adverse drug-related events, contracting infections, or experiencing medication errors.

  10. From Scrubbing In To Geeking Out: How My Career Took An Unexpected Turn To IT

    When you think of nurses working in a hospital, you probably imagine them passing out medications, administering treatments, interpreting doctor’s instructions, or simply holding a patient’s hand. And, when I first graduated from nursing school, those were things I did. But my view of nursing began to change in 2002 when I was training to become a surgical nurse while serving in the U.S. Army Nurse Corps.