Propaq CS

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Propaq CS
Propaq CS offers the features needed for quality, comprehensive portable and bedside monitoring
Propaq CS offers the features needed for quality, comprehensive portable and bedside monitoring. The large 8.4-inch TFT color display allows you to see up to four waveforms, including two vectors of ECG. The touch screen allows easy navigation through menus and is not impaired by gloves or temperature.

Standard features include two channels of ECG, heart/pulse rate, Smartcuf non-invasive blood pressure, and temperature, as well as full patient alarms, equipment alerts, trending on all parameters, and programmable default settings for adult, pediatric, and neonatal patients. Additional options include up to two channels of invasive blood pressure, pulse oximetry, impedance respiration, capnography, and apnea detection. The integrated printer option provides high-resolution, fully annotated, real-time printouts of three waveforms and numerics for all active vital signs.

Connect the Propaq CS monitor to the Acuity Central Station for remote monitoring of all vital signs, or use the Nurse call option for remote notification of alarm conditions. These options allow you to configure the Propaq CS to monitor patients in a wide range of acute clinical settings.

Modem Propaq.
Extend vital sign monitoring to anywhere inside or outside the hospital with a modem and a phone connection.

CO2 Options

  • No calibration required, fast 45-second warmup
  • Easy to use sidestream option for intubated and non-intubated patients
  • CO2 waveform, IN CO2, ET CO2, and breath rate numerics

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