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Mölnlycke Strengthens Surgical Site Infections Bundle With New Solutions


Mölnlycke Health Care understands that Surgical Site Infections are a leading cause of HAIs and hospital readmissions. If a patient acquires an SSI, their hospital stay will be extended, on average 9.7 days, and an estimated $20,000 in increased healthcare costs1 will be incurred. Mölnlycke offers many solutions that can be included as part of a systematic preventive Surgical Site Infection bundle including:

NEW Mepilex Border Post-Op Dressings

Mölnlycke’s new Mepilex Border Post-op dressings are specifically designed for incisions and support early patient mobilization.2,3 A new unique flex-cut pad stretches in all directions, conforming to the body even as it moves. Its Safetac® technology is clinically proven to minimize dressing-related skin damage and reduce pain3,4 plus a shower-proof seal supports longer wear time and fewer dressing changes.5 Available as a standard or antimicrobial dressing, Mepilex Border Post-Op Ag contains highly soluble silver that starts inactivating pathogenic bacteria within 30 minutes. The dressing continues to inactivate 99.99% of common microbial threats for 7 days.6-8 Mölnlycke is proud to offer customers a uniquely flexible dressing that supports early patient mobility and offers higher clinician and patient satisfaction.3,9 The Mepilex® Border Post-Op line of dressings will be available through most medical products distributors in April.


According to the Cochrane Review, double-gloving has been recognized as the most effective method for lowering the frequency of leakage, reducing the number of glove perforations by 71%.10 Glove perforation introduces risk of SSIs that can be mitigated with glove changes and double-gloving. Mölnlycke now offers thinner, synthetic surgical glove alternatives to make double-gloving a comfortable transition from single-gloving. The new Biogel® PI Micro Indicator® Underglove, when, combined with the Biogel® PI Micro overglove, creates the proprietary Biogel Puncture Indication System® that quickly alerts the user to a glove puncture or breach with a visual cue. 85% of O.R. staff who tested the product in a user evaluation preferred the new glove combination compared to their current surgical gloves.11


Trusted for over 40 years to prevent infection, HIBICLENS is a gentle 4% CHG antiseptic skin cleanser commonly used for preoperative showering in SSI reduction bundles. Our foaming dispenser, a unique feature among CHG solutions, helps make HIBICLENS easy to use and provides patients with visual evidence that encourages better coverage. With our gentle formulation, easy to use product, and library of patient education, Mölnlycke is dedicated to helping patients remain compliant with vital infection prevention protocols.

“Mölnlycke’s purpose is to advance performance in healthcare across the world, and we aspire to equip both patients and caregivers with solutions to achieve the best outcomes. This includes the prevention of Surgical Site Infections, which are a significant issue impacting patient care and increasing health care costs,” said Randy Schwartz, Vice President – Wound Care Marketing.

“Through our patient focus, expertise and advanced technologies, Mölnlycke has developed a portfolio of SSI bundle solutions for perioperative care. Everyone involved ... the patient, health care provider, the care facility and our healthcare system overall ... benefits when we are able to work together to reduce infection rates,” said Al Concemi, Vice President – Surgical Marketing.


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