News | August 7, 2018

Call9 Launches First-Of-Its-Kind Patient Care Data Platform


Call9, a pioneer in the field of nursing home care, today announced the launch of SNF Assist, a revolutionary patient care data platform that leverages technology to provide nursing home administrators and operators with analytics to inform operational and medical decisions.

SNF Assist is a first-of-its-kind integration with a skilled nursing facility’s electronic medical record (EMR), delivering valuable insights and enabling data-informed decisions that deliver improved care for this vulnerable, often underserved, patient population.

Call9 is a technology-enabled healthcare service that delivers immediate care to patients in skilled nursing facilities in the comfort of their own beds. Founded in Silicon Valley by an Emergency Medicine physician and now headquartered in Brooklyn, Call9 has created an innovative, human-powered solution that reduces unnecessary Emergency Department visits, hospitalizations and subsequent readmissions in nearly 80% of patient encounters.

Call9’s proprietary technology addresses one of the most significant problems nursing homes face: 19% of all emergency transports to the hospital come from nursing homes. SNF Assist helps facilities identify their highest risk of transfer and contributing factors that increase their transfer rate to the hospital, so they can subsequently make changes to reduce them. Reducing avoidable transfers both improves the patient experience and saves the healthcare system millions of dollars.

“When we founded Call9 the idea was to be with patients at the moment of their emergency,” said Timothy C. Peck, Cofounder and CEO of Call9. “What we’ve learned over the last three years is that we can often identify emergencies before they even happen. SNF Assist will help facilities where Call9 doesn’t have a physical presence do the same thing.”

Since its founding in 2015, Call9 has delivered life-changing care to thousands of patients, recording more than 85,000 first responder visits and 17,000 telemedicine visits in seven New York counties. Call9 created the patient care data platform in response to the overwhelming interest from skilled nursing facilities interested in securing Call9’s innovative hybrid care model.

About Call9
Call9 provides Emergency Medicine without brick and mortar limitations. Call9 humanizes telemedicine by connecting on-site, emergency-trained first responders to remote physicians, delivering care to patients at their bedside in nursing homes and rehabs. The company’s embedded care model approach is a replacement of 911 and subsequent hospitalizations and readmissions, lowering healthcare costs while improving care outcomes. Learn more at

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