BD™ Insulin Syringes

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BD™ Insulin Syringes
BD is the leading brand of insulin syringes
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BD is the leading brand of insulin syringes. It is the brand most recommended by health care professionals. BD insulin syringes are available in a variety of sizes so that you can choose the right BD insulin syringe size for your patient.

Needle gauge-the higher the number, the thinner the needle. Does your patient prefer to have the thinnest needle available or a thicker one that is less flexible? BD insulin syringe needles are available in three gauges:

    BD Ultra-fine™ II 30G
    BD Ultra-fine 29G
    BD Micro-fine™ 28G

Needle length-BD insulin syringes are available with 2 different length needles: the standard ½" length (12.7mm) and the short 5/16" length (8mm) which is 37% shorter. The psychological benefits of a short needle may make the transition to insulin easier for some patients. Short needles are appropriate for approximately 82% of patients with diabetes; not just children or lean adults. Note: a patient's blood sugar levels should be carefully monitored and evaluated after changing to a shorter needle

    BD Ultra-fine II short needle length
    BD Ultra-fine standard needle length
    BD Micro-fine standard needle length

Maximum Dose- BD Ultra-Fine II, BD Ultra-fine and BD Micro-fine needle syringes are all available in three dose capacities:

    100 units 1cc
    50 units 1/2cc
    30 units 3/10cc

To make it easier to measure an accurate dose, choose the smallest syringe that will hold the largest dose your patient takes.

The BD insulin syringe product line

BD Ultra-fine™ II Short Syringe Needle

Catalog # NDC #
1cc (100 unit) 328418 08290328418
1/2cc (50 unit) 328468 08290328468
3/10cc (30 unit) 328438 08290328438

BD Ultra-Fine™ Original Syringe Needle

Catalog # NDC #
1cc (100 unit) 328411 08290328411
1/2cc (50 unit) 328466 08290328466
3/10cc (30 unit) 328431 08290328431

BD Micro-Fine™ IV Syringe Needle

Catalog # NDC #
1cc (100 unit) 328410 08290328410
1/2cc (50 unit) 328465 08290328465
3/10cc (30 unit) 328430 08290328430

BD products can not be purchased directly from BD.

BD Diabetes Healthcare, 1 Becton Drive, Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417. Tel: 888-367-9539; Fax: 201-847-4111.

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