Bair Hugger therapy

Source: Arizant Healthcare Inc. (successor to Augustine Medical, Inc.)

Bair Hugger therapy
The Bair Hugger therapy temperature management system uses forced, warm air to prevent and treat hypothermia in surgical patients.
The Bair Hugger temperature management system is based on forced-air warming to prevent and treat hypothermia in surgical patients. The system includes: Bair Hugger therapy and the 241 fluid warming system.

Bair Hugger therapy consists of warming units and disposable blankets that distribute warm air across the patient before, during and/or after surgery. With 19 blanket models (including seven pediatric and three sterile blanket designs), Bair Hugger therapy is the only one of its kind to guarantee patient normothermia.

Each Bair Hugger blanket features a soft, non-woven material that is comfortable against the patient's skin and each is designed to distribute warm air effectively and efficiently across the patient's body.

Bair Hugger warming units are designed to deliver temperature-controlled air to the patient via the blanket. Each warming unit filters air to 0.2 microns and has four temperature settings. The warming units are capable of being mounted on a pole or bed rail, or may be placed on the floor.

Bair Hugger warming units are uniquely designed to provide integrated fluid warming with the 241® fluid warming system.

The proven leader in forced-air warming, Bair Hugger therapy has warmed more than 30 million patients throughout the world and is supported by seven published, peer-reviewed outcome studies demonstrating the benefits to patients.