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Honoring Nurses

Nominate a nurse to be recognized for contributing to positive change in healthcare 


Countdown to Nurses Month

It’s no secret that professionals drawn to nursing exhibit extraordinary personal strength and skill, amid circumstances most would find daunting.

As highly skilled clinicians, nurses have always been at the forefront of transforming healthcare. Increasingly, they’re transferring their skills—in thought leadership, strategy, sales, and beyond—to fulfill non-patient-facing roles in healthcare or in completely different fields. 

By leveraging their education, experience, and empathy, nurses continue to use their patient-centered lens and resourcefulness to shape innovation that adds value to their organizations, patients, the nursing workforce, and the healthcare industry as a whole.  

As the role of the nurse expands, it’s evident that leadership from nurses is needed at every level and across all settings in healthcare. And for those who choose career paths away from the bedside, opportunities abound to find fulfilling careers where their skills advance other disciplines. 

Do you know a nurse working in any role—from patient care to administration and beyond—who is leading positive change? Nominate them to be recognized for their contributions in symplr’s upcoming eBook: Nurses Leading Transformation.