Nurses Transforming Healthcare

It’s no secret that professionals drawn to nursing exhibit extraordinary personal strength and skill, amid circumstances most would find daunting.

As highly skilled clinicians, nurses have always been at the forefront of transforming healthcare. By leveraging their education, experience, and empathy, nurses continue to use their patient-centered lens and resourcefulness to shape innovation that adds value to their organizations, patients, the nursing workforce, and the healthcare industry as a whole. 

We received nominations to honor nurses from across the United States for Nurses Month 2021. Their stories are incredible, and so is the work they do each and every day.

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“There’s so much more to nursing than just medication administration and assessments: In a single shift I can be a nurse, teacher, case manager, friend, opponent, coach, or even a skin/nail technician.”

Bradee Aamodt-Osborne, BSN, RN, CCRN